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The Undelete My Blog Project

Deleted your blog - by accident or on purpose? Want it all back? A resource site dedicated to helping bloggers in need, The Undelete My Blog Project will offer my limited expertise and even better, the collective wisdom of other , more resourceful bloggers in retrieving your precious posts from oblivion. There is hope yet. 

Blog Undelete Utility

Friday, November 11, 2005

6:19 AM - The Undelete My Blog Project - The beginning

One evening, like many others before it, I was playing around with blogger template and settings in Blogger. The blog in question was Wandering in Elysium , a blog that I had been posting for sometime now. I had created another blog with some unremarkable content, and I was about to delete it. I chose the delete option. Blogger, very prudently, asked me if I was sure that I wanted to delete it. I was in a hurry and something else was also in my mind, and so I casually clicked 'Yes'. Only then did I realise that it was my precious main blog that had been selected, and before I could say 'blog', it had gone. Yes, I had actually deleted my blog. Every single word of it.

Well, if you actually go and visit that blog now(Wandering in Elysium) , you will see it that it has been brought back to life. I will tell you how and everything related to it, but that will be in the postings to come. Hey, I have just started this blog, you know.

The Undelete My Blog Project (UMBP) is a personal endeavour of a blogger who knows what it feels to have all of his postings go 'poof' before his eyes, and worse yet, that it was he who did it. In the postings to come, I will share with you, dear reader, my very limited knowledge on blogging and more importantly, what to do and where to go for help to get it all back, or atleast most of it. If you have any information to share with me and others in need, you are requested to leave a comment. I shall acknowledge all helpful suggestions and comments and make this as constructive as possible, to everyone concerned.

Long live the blog! Long live the blogger!


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