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The Undelete My Blog Project

Deleted your blog - by accident or on purpose? Want it all back? A resource site dedicated to helping bloggers in need, The Undelete My Blog Project will offer my limited expertise and even better, the collective wisdom of other , more resourceful bloggers in retrieving your precious posts from oblivion. There is hope yet. 

Blog Undelete Utility

Sunday, December 25, 2005

1:15 AM - Blog recovery using icerocket.com

I hope that all of you who have checked out the Cache Recovery Utility found it pretty easy to use. After all, there isn't much that you are required to do - just enter your blog address, choose the cache source and hit the button. I apologise for short number of entries in the source list, but I couldn't find a way to include other search engines as they use a different way to retrieve the cache of a page. Google, as always, has kept it simple and that is why there are two options from the G.

For those of you who have lost quite a number of posts, getting them all back and more importantly, in the right chronological order, is a bit tricky. The following is a How-To on doing just that.

The tool I use to get back the chronological order of my deleted blog was Icerocket.com, which is a relatively powerful blog search tool. Enter your blog's title (preferably in quotes) and search for on it on Icerocket.com. If that doesn't work, keep trying with the web address or major posts on the blog. Ultimately, you will end up with a link to posts on your blog. Look for a tiny 'Focus' link near the search result, and click it. Icerocket will now fetch you all the posts in the blog that it has indexed, in chronological order.

The coolest thing about this is that you will get links to your individual posts, in the order that you posted them and all you have to do is enter these links into the Cache Recovery Utility and voila!, the search engines will deliver their cached copy to you. You just have to take the trouble of posting them over.

You can also use other blog search tools like Google's own BlogSearch, Technorati, Pubsub, blogdigger.com, and so on.


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