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The Undelete My Blog Project

Deleted your blog - by accident or on purpose? Want it all back? A resource site dedicated to helping bloggers in need, The Undelete My Blog Project will offer my limited expertise and even better, the collective wisdom of other , more resourceful bloggers in retrieving your precious posts from oblivion. There is hope yet. 

Blog Undelete Utility

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

5:05 AM - Backup for TypePad users

I had been discussing methods to backup only Blogger on Undelete My Blog, but I recently came across a post on how to backup your posts if you are a TypePad user. Find more about it at TypePad Backup.

If you use a different blog service and have found out your own ingenious way of backing up your posts, please share it with the world. Just leave a comment and a new post will be made in this blog with due credits given to the contributor. Thanks in advance and happy blogging!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

10:14 PM - The mystery cache

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have found the MSN Search cache to be the best. It is even better than Google's in that it is updated more regularly. However, there is still no way to link to an MSN cache entry from an external site. MSN provides the cache link to a page with an arbitrary number in the URL.

To solve this problem, I approached their customer service. I asked them if there is any way I could gain access to the cache page by using the URL of the page in a query. Unfortunately, it seems there isn't. According to what their customer service told me, that 'arbitrary' number is the inventory ID of that page in the cache at that time. The key phrase is: at that time. So when the MSN bot indexes the page again, the ID would change and hence any link using the old ID would be obsolete.

Hopefully, MSN will come up with a better way of linking to the cache pages, without using this inventory ID in the URL and rather use the actual URL as a value to the cache parameter like Google does.

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