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The Undelete My Blog Project

Deleted your blog - by accident or on purpose? Want it all back? A resource site dedicated to helping bloggers in need, The Undelete My Blog Project will offer my limited expertise and even better, the collective wisdom of other , more resourceful bloggers in retrieving your precious posts from oblivion. There is hope yet. 

Blog Undelete Utility

Saturday, December 03, 2005

9:18 PM - Undelete blog through Cache Recovery Utility

Good news for all those bloggers out there who have just deleted their whole blog and is now wondering what to do.The Undelete My Blog Project, in its effort to help recover deleted blogs, has just released the first utility that can dig out the cached copy of their blogs from search engine archives. You can check it out right now - Undelete through Cache Recovery Utility.

This is a very basic utility that can help you recover your blog or website. Go to the utility, just type in your blog address and select a cache source to recover. Hit the 'Retrieve cache' button and voila!, your blog is back before you. However, you can reasonably expect to retrieve the cache only if your blog is quite popular among the search engines and has been around for sometime.

The utility could have been made available on this blog itself, had Blogger allowed me to put the SCRIPT HTML tags in the post, but it is not possible for obvious reasons. Anyway, do check out the site and let me know how useful you find it by leaving a comment here. More info on how to use the utility to recover all your blog posts is underway. Keep watching this space!


  • At 8:08 AM, Blogger waytoogeeky said…

    For those who are running Windows, a great tool to undelete your blog is the Temporary internet files folder, found at C:/WINDOWS/temporary internet files. To recover your blog from here:
    1) turn off/disconnect the internet. otherwise, it will overwrite the file.
    2) go to temporary internet files. search for your blog here.
    3) once you have located you blog, copy it to your desktop and open it, then copy-paste your posts into a word file.

    Voila, your blog is back!!!!


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